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Elevate your brand’s vehicle offering with our best-selling wholesale golf carts, As the leading electric vehicle manufacturer and wholesaler, Nuole offers a wide variety of electric golf carts that could meet your needs.

Golf Cart

Golf cart

Sightseeing bus


One-stop Solution Service

As a leading premium golf cart electric solution provider, Nuole provides comprehensive one-stop services for our wholesale golf carts. From color customization to OEM services, we help you elevate your experience with customized vehicles.

Color Customizable

There is no shame in looking good. Explore our wide variety of golf cart exterior mods that are available for our electric golf carts.

Accessorise Optional

Nuole offers top-of-the-line accessories for our wholesale golf carts. Elevate your vehicle according to your liking.


As a Chinese-leading electric vehicles manufacturer, Nuole will not compromise in terms of quality craftsmanship. Every vehicle we produce will follow our strict quality policy to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.


We provide ODM services that build electric golf carts exactly to your liking, we ensure every golf cart electric is built towards your design, delivering unique projects to you.

Company Philosophy

As a corporate entity specializing in wholesale golf cart distribution and manufacturing, Nuole is devoted to reimagining golf carts. Through innovation, precision, and passion, we design and provide electric carts that embody top-notch performance, comfort, and sustainability. Nuole’s goal is to enhance leisure electric golf carts worldwide, all while upholding the highest standards of craftsmanship and design.

| Sichuan Nuole Electric Technology Co., Ltd.

Sichuan Nuole Electric Technology Co., Ltd.

We are dedicated to reimagining the golfing experience. Through innovation, precision, and passion, we create electric carts that embody performance, comfort, and sustainability. Our goal is to enhance leisure mobility for golfers worldwide while upholding the highest standards of craftsmanship and design.


Nuole’s goal is to become the most capable and knowledgeable electric vehicles manufacturer and supplier in the industry, and we believe our employees and customers are the cornerstone and solid foundation for us to reach this goal successfully. That’s why we always have a strong commitment to our employees’ and customer’s satisfaction.

Warranties Support

We provide comprehensive warranty coverage for our wholesale golf cart products, providing you with no worries about your investments.

Rich Product Categories

Nuole offers up to 40 different models of wholesale golf carts that are capable of meeting a wide range of applications. Explore our wide range of electric vehicles and services.

Strict Quality Control

As a leading electric cart manufacturer, we take a deep commitment to our products’ quality, and we ensure delivering you nothing but the best.


We provide competitive price on our wholesale golf carts.


Discover the latest news and industry information with the leading electric vehicles manufacturer, Nuole. Stay informed and stay connected. Explore now!

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