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Discover the Nuole EV Golf Carts for Unmatched Performance and Style

At Nuole, we understand the importance of both safety and aesthetics when it comes to EV golf carts. That’s why our NL-JY2.G model features a high-strength steel front bumper that provides exceptional protection without compromising on style. The robust construction of the metal bumper ensures that your golf cart is well-equipped to handle any unexpected obstacles while maintaining its sleek and modern appearance.

Tire and Rim Options for Optimal Performance

One of the key factors that sets Nuole EV golf carts apart is our attention to detail, right down to the tires and rims. Our NL-JY2.G model offers a range of tire sizes, including 10, 12, and 14 inches, to suit your specific needs. Coupled with aluminum hubs and available in various shapes and tread patterns, our Cengo golf cart tires deliver exceptional performance on any terrain.


The advantages of our Cengo golf cart tires are numerous. With low ground pressure, these tires minimize damage to delicate surfaces while providing excellent flexibility and energy-saving capabilities. The strong grip ensures stability, allowing you to maneuver effortlessly through diverse landscapes. Whether you’re cruising on lush fairways or tackling challenging off-road trails, Nuole EV golf carts have you covered.


Double A-Arm Suspension System for Superior Handling

When it comes to the suspension system, Nuole sets a new standard with the NL-JY2.G model. Our off-road golf cart features a meticulously engineered double A-arm independent suspension structure. This widely used design in road vehicles offers numerous advantages, providing you with an exceptional driving experience.


The double A-arm suspension system enhances lateral rigidity, ensuring stability and precise handling around corners. It excels in anti-roll capabilities, keeping your golf cart steady even on uneven terrain. With its superior grip performance and clear sensory feedback from the road, you can enjoy a comfortable and confident ride in any driving condition.



Discover the Nuole EV golf carts and elevate your golfing experience to new heights. With our NL-JY2.G model, you can expect a blend of outstanding performance, unmatched style, and advanced safety features. The metal front bumper not only offers protection but also adds a touch of sophistication to your cart’s design. The tire and rim options provide optimal performance, enabling you to navigate various terrains with ease. Additionally, the double A-arm suspension system ensures superior handling and stability, making every ride a pleasure.


Choose Nuole EV golf carts for a remarkable golfing experience that combines innovation, reliability, and style. Explore our NL-JY2.G model today and discover a new level of excellence on the green or off-road.

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