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Experience Excellence with Nuole’s NL-JZ22-G Series 4-Passenger Golf Cart

At Nuole, we are proud to offer the NL-JZ22-G series 4-passenger golf cart, providing an unparalleled experience of excellence on the golf course. This remarkable 4-seater electric car is equipped with a powerful 48V/4KW AC Motor, delivering impressive performance and reliability. With features like Macpherson Independent Suspension and a High Strength Carbon Steel Frame, this electric golf cart offers the perfect blend of power and sophistication. Let us take you on a journey where you can navigate with confidence and elevate your golf cart offering.

Unleash Power with the NL-JZ22-G Series

The NL-JZ22-G series 4-passenger golf cart from Nuole is designed to deliver an exceptional driving experience. Equipped with a robust 48V/4KW AC Motor, this electric car packs a punch, ensuring powerful acceleration and smooth operation on the golf course. Whether you are cruising around the fairway or tackling challenging terrains, the NL-JZ22-G series is built to handle it all.


Advanced Suspension System for Optimal Performance

Experience a smooth and comfortable ride with the Macpherson Independent Suspension featured in the NL-JZ22-G series. This suspension system provides excellent shock absorption, ensuring that you can navigate the golf course with ease. The double Arm Suspension further enhances stability and control, allowing you to confidently tackle uneven terrain and rough paths. With Nuole’s advanced suspension technology, you can enjoy a seamless and enjoyable golfing experience.


Sophistication and Functionality Combined

The golf cart in the NL-JZ22-G series is not only rather powerful, but it was also created with refinement and practicality in mind. While also providing additional protection, the Metal Front Bumper is a stylish addition to the vehicle. By displaying pertinent information regarding the functioning of the cart and the status of the battery, the LCD Screen both keeps you informed and in control. With the help of this electric golf cart, you will be able to take your game to the next level and surprise others with the ideal combination of style and strength.



With Nuole’s NL-JZ22-G series 4-passenger golf cart, you can experience excellence on the golf course. This electric golf cart boasts a powerful 48V/4KW AC Motor, Macpherson Independent Suspension, and a resilient High Strength Carbon Steel Frame. Navigate with confidence using the Metal Front Bumper and double Arm Suspension, and stay informed with the LCD Screen. Elevate your golf cart offering with the perfect blend of power and sophistication. Trust us as your go-to source for electric golf carts, where excellence is guaranteed.

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