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Experience Power and Personalization with the NL-JY2+2.G 4-Seater Electric Golf Cart

Welcome to Nuole, the premier destination for electric golf carts. We are excited to introduce our flagship model, the NL-JY2+2.G, a pinnacle in electric vehicles. This remarkable 4-seater golf cart combines power, innovation, and personalization to elevate your golfing experience. With a sturdy 48V/5KW AC Motor, Macpherson Independent Suspension, and a High Strength Carbon Steel Integral Frame, the NL-JY2+2.G is built to deliver unmatched performance on the course. Join us as we explore the exceptional features of this electric golf cart and discover the perfect blend of power and personalization.

Driver Operating Table for Enhanced Control

At Nuole, we understand the importance of having complete control over your golf cart. That’s why the NL-JY2+2.G features a driver operating table that provides a seamless interface for effortless control. The operating table includes basic function buttons, allowing you to easily navigate and operate the golf cart. Additionally, we offer upgrades with more specific functions to cater to your individual needs. With the option of water transfer printing on the surface, the driver operating table also adds a touch of style to complement your golf cart’s aesthetics. Experience enhanced control and convenience with the driver operating table on the NL-JY2+2.G electric golf cart.


Premium Bolstered High-Back Seats for Comfort and Style

At Nuole, we prioritize your comfort and style. The NL-JY2+2.G electric golf cart boasts premium bolstered high-back seats crafted with high-grade rebound PU leather. These seats provide supreme comfort and support, ensuring a luxurious experience every time you drive our golf vehicle. What’s more, the bolstered high-back design adds an extra touch of style, elevating the overall aesthetics of your golf cart. For safety purposes, all seats are equipped with DOT-standard seat belts, ensuring the highest level of safety for you and your passengers. Experience the perfect balance of comfort, style, and safety with the premium bolstered high-back seats on the NL-JY2+2.G.


Tailored OEM and ODM Options for Personalization

At Nuole, we believe in the power of personalization. That’s why we offer tailored OEM and ODM options for the NL-JY2+2.G electric golf cart. With our customization services, you can create a golf cart that truly reflects your individual style and preferences. Whether it’s a unique color scheme, personalized logos, or additional features, our team is dedicated to bringing your vision to life. Experience the joy of owning a golf cart that is tailored to your specific needs and stands out from the crowd. With Nuole’s personalized options, you can take your golf cart experience to the next level.



Experience power, innovation, and personalization with the NL-JY2+2.G 4-seater electric golf cart from Nuole. This flagship model is equipped with a sturdy 48V/5KW AC Motor, Macpherson Independent Suspension, and a High Strength Carbon Steel Integral Frame, ensuring unparalleled performance on the golf course. Enjoy enhanced control with the driver operating table, featuring basic function buttons and the option for additional upgrades. Indulge in supreme comfort and style with the premium bolstered high-back seats, complete with DOT-standard seat belts for safety. Customize your golf cart to perfection with our tailored OEM and ODM options. Trust us as your go-to source for electric golf carts, where power, innovation, and personalization unite to deliver an exceptional golfing experience.

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