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Introducing the NL-JZ+2.G Series: The Ultimate Electric Hunting Golf Cart

Welcome to Nuole, your trusted destination for top-of-the-line electric golf carts. We are thrilled to introduce the NL-JZ+2.G series, the epitome of excellence in the realm of electric hunting golf carts. With its advanced features and superior craftsmanship, this innovative vehicle is designed to enhance your hunting experience while delivering unparalleled performance on and off the golf course. Join us as we delve into the remarkable features that set the NL-JZ+2.G series apart from the competition.

High-Strength Seat Bumper for Unmatched Protection and Design

The NL-JZ+2.G series 4-seater electric hunting golf cart features a high-strength seat bumper that not only protects the vehicle from impacts but also adds a sleek-looking design. The robust construction of the seat bumper ensures maximum durability, safeguarding the cart against unexpected collisions while preserving its aesthetic appeal. With the NL-JZ+2.G series, you can explore the wilderness with confidence, knowing that your vehicle is equipped with a seat bumper that offers both protection and style.


Considerate Water Cup Holders for Added Convenience

We understand the importance of staying hydrated during your hunting expeditions. That’s why the NL-JZ+2.G series comes equipped with considerate water cup holders on the operating platform. These cup holders provide a secure and convenient place to keep your water bottles or beverages while traversing through various terrains. Stay refreshed and focused during your hunting adventures with the thoughtful inclusion of water cup holders in the NL-JZ+2.G series electric hunting golf cart.


Wide LCD Touch Screen with Intelligent Functions

The NL-JZ+2.G series electric hunting golf cart is equipped with a wide LCD touch screen that takes your driving experience to a whole new level. This intelligent interface allows you to connect your phone, play music, and tune in to your favorite radio stations through a seamless Bluetooth connection. Customize the display and access special functions tailored to your preferences. Whether you want to navigate through the wilderness or enjoy entertainment on the go, the wide LCD touch screen on the NL-JZ+2.G series provides the perfect blend of convenience and technological innovation.



Embrace the extraordinary capabilities of the NL-JZ+2.G series, Nuole’s ultimate electric hunting golf cart. With its high-strength seat bumper, you can enjoy both protection and a sleek design that sets you apart from the crowd. Stay hydrated on your hunting adventures with the considerate water cup holders, ensuring you have refreshment within reach. The wide LCD touch screen with intelligent functions elevates your driving experience, allowing seamless connectivity and customization. Trust us to provide you with the pinnacle of electric golf carts, where innovation, convenience, and style converge to redefine your hunting escapades.

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