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Introducing the NL-WG2+2.G: Unleash Style and Performance in Our Electric Golf Carts

Welcome to Nuole, your ultimate destination for stylish and high-performance electric golf carts. We are excited to introduce our flagship model, the NL-WG2+2.G, a game-changer in the world of electric golf carts. With its cutting-edge features and exceptional design, the NL-WG2+2.G offers a perfect blend of style and performance. Join us as we explore the remarkable features that set our electric golf carts apart from the competition.

Stylish Headlights: Illuminating Your Golfing Experience

As the eye of the golf buggy, the headlights of the NL-WG2+2.G play a crucial role in determining its front body shape and overall outlook design. We offer a wide range of headlight models, each with a DOT standard certificate, ensuring superior quality and compliance with safety standards. Choose from our selection of stylish headlights to customize your unique golf cart and make a statement on the course. The NL-WG2+2.G’s headlights not only provide excellent visibility during your golfing sessions but also enhance the overall aesthetics of your electric golf cart.


Rear Non-Independent Suspension: Elevating Safety and Comfort

The NL-WG2+2.G features a rear non-independent suspension system that significantly improves safety and comfort levels. The integral rear axle, equipped with spring and hydraulic shock absorption, enables the wheels to run with minimal angle change. This design reduces tire wear and lowers the height of the vehicle body and center of gravity, resulting in enhanced stability and safety. Experience a smoother ride and improved maneuverability with the NL-WG2+2.G’s rear non-independent suspension, ensuring a comfortable and secure golfing experience.


Premium Bolstered High-Back Seats: Supreme Comfort and Style

At Nuole, we prioritize your comfort and style. The NL-WG2+2.G boasts premium bolstered high-back seats crafted with high-grade rebound PU leather. These seats offer optimal comfort and support, allowing you to enjoy a luxurious experience while driving our electric golf cart. What’s more, our seats are customizable, allowing you to choose your preferred color and design, making your golf cart truly unique. Each seat is equipped with DOT standard seat belts, ensuring the highest level of safety without compromising on style. With the NL-WG2+2.G’s premium bolstered high-back seats, you can indulge in supreme comfort and style as you navigate the golf course.



Unleash style and performance with the NL-WG2+2.G electric golf cart from Nuole. With its stylish headlights, you can illuminate your golfing experience while adding a touch of personalization to your golf cart’s design. The rear non-independent suspension system enhances safety and comfort, ensuring a smooth and stable ride on any terrain. Enjoy the perfect blend of comfort and style with the premium bolstered high-back seats, customizable to match your preferences. At Nuole, we are committed to providing superior electric golf carts that redefine your golfing experience. Choose the NL-WG2+2.G and experience the pinnacle of style, performance, and innovation.

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