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Nuole: Elevate Your Sightseeing Experience with Stylish Electric Tourist Buses

Welcome to Nuole, the brand that is dedicated to enhancing your sightseeing experience with our stylish and comfortable electric tourist buses. We are thrilled to introduce our NL-WL117D model, a perfect fusion of style and functionality. With cutting-edge features like an on-board charger for customized power supply, a captivating and fashionable design, and luxurious and comfortable seating, Nuole’s electric sightseeing buses are designed to elevate your journey to new heights. Join us as we explore the exceptional features that make Nuole the premium choice for your sightseeing needs.

NL-WL117D: Style and Functionality Redefined

Nuole’s NL-WL117D electric sightseeing bus is a testament to our commitment to delivering style and functionality in one package. Designed to turn heads, this model boasts a combination of smart and attractive aesthetics. The high-strength sheet metal stamping ensures durability while exuding a sense of fashion and novelty. The wide front view and rich layers of the Cengo tourist sightseeing bus make a striking impression, and the customizable body color allows you to create a vehicle that reflects your unique style.


Customized Power Supply for Uninterrupted Performance

With Nuole’s NL-WL117D electric sightseeing bus, you can bid farewell to charging concerns. Our on-board charger provides a customized power supply, tailored to meet your specific voltage requirements. This feature ensures that your bus is always primed for action, allowing you to focus on providing an exceptional sightseeing experience without interruptions. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your electric tourist bus is equipped with a reliable and efficient power supply.


Luxurious and Comfortable Seating for Unparalleled Relaxation

At Nuole, we understand that comfort is paramount during a sightseeing journey. Our NL-WL117D model is equipped with soft leather fabric high-rebound PU row seats, designed with ergonomics in mind. These seats offer an elegant and comfortable sitting posture, providing your passengers with a relaxing and enjoyable journey. We prioritize using environmentally friendly and healthy materials, employing high-end leather to create a luxurious ambiance. Furthermore, our seating options can be customized to suit your preferences and requirements.


Trust in Nuole’s Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to electric tourist buses, Nuole is the brand you can trust. We prioritize quality and customer satisfaction in every aspect of our business. From the use of high-strength materials to the attention to detail in design and comfort, our NL-WL117D model reflects our commitment to excellence. We strive to build enduring relationships with our customers, offering exceptional service from the moment you choose Nuole as your electric tourist bus provider.



Nuole’s NL-WL117D electric sightseeing bus is the epitome of style and comfort. With its captivating design, customized power supply, and luxurious seating, this model is designed to elevate your sightseeing experience. Choose Nuole as your trusted partner and indulge your passengers with a journey that combines style, comfort, and unforgettable moments. Experience the difference with Nuole’s electric tourist buses and discover a new level of excellence in sightseeing transportation.

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