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Meet the NL-JY2+2.G, a pinnacle in electric vehicles. This electric 4-seater golf cart is powered by a sturdy 48V/5KW AC Motor and navigates effortlessly with Macpherson Independent Suspension on a resilient High Strength Carbon Steel Integral Frame. Customize this golf vehicle with our tailored OEM and ODM options. Safety takes center stage with a Hydraulic Double Pipe Brake, ensuring precise control with Front & Rear Drum Wheel Brake. Experience the NL-JY2+2.G 4-seater electric golf cart, where power, innovation, and personalization unite.
  • Seats:4                     Driving Mileage:>80
  • Speed:25                 Power System: 48V/5KW AC
  • • Model:NL-JY2+2.G
  • • Strong powerful 48V/5KW AC Motor
  • • Macpherson Independent Suspension
  • • Made with High Strength Carbon Steel Integral Frame
  • • Accept to do OEM and ODM Order of Best All Electric Cars
  • • Hydraulic Double Pipe Brake with Front & Rear Drum Wheel Brake

When and wherever you need 4 seater electric golf cart, welcome to send enquiry to join our team, or learn more about our vehicles.

  • Electric-Golf-cart-series-Sichuan-Nuole-Electric-Technology-Co.-Ltd-9ry9hm.pdf Download
  • Electric-Golf-cart-series-Sichuan-Nuole-Electric-Technology-Co.-Ltd-9ry9hm.pdf Download
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