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A Sustainable and Stylish Adventure: My Unforgettable Journey with Nuole’s Electric Sightseeing Bus

Step aboard Nuole‘s NL-WL117D electric shuttle bus and prepare to embark on a remarkable adventure that seamlessly combines sustainability, style, and comfort. As I experienced the innovative features of this electric shuttle bus, it became evident that we have redefined efficiency and elegance in utility electric vehicles. Join me as I share my first-person perspective on this eco-friendly marvel, where the perfect fusion of consciousness and utility takes sightseeing to new heights.

Aesthetic Appeal and Unmatched Comfort

The NL-WL117D electric sightseeing bus stands as a remarkable epitome of style and comfort. From its sleek design to the High Strength Carbon Steel Integral Frame, every aspect of this electric tour bus exudes sophistication and ensures a smooth and secure journey. As we settled into one of the 17 cozy seats, we were immediately captivated by the soft leather fabric, providing a luxurious and comfortable seating experience. Our commitment to ergonomics and environmental consciousness was evident in the carefully designed seats, offering both elegance and support.


Efficiency Redefined

Powered by a robust 96V/12KW AC motor, our electric sightseeing bus combines power and efficiency in perfect harmony. With an impressive driving mileage of 80-100km, this electric tour bus allows for extended sightseeing journeys without compromising on performance. The added convenience of onboard charging further enhances the experience, eliminating the need for frequent stops and maximizing the time spent exploring captivating destinations.


Safety at the Forefront

Our dedication to passenger safety is unwavering in the NL-WL117D electric sightseeing bus. Equipped with a hydraulic double pipe brake and front & rear drum wheel brake, this vehicle offers precise control and reliable braking capabilities. As I traveled along winding roads and scenic routes, I felt reassured by the advanced safety features that we have integrated into the design, ensuring a secure and worry-free journey.


Intelligent Features and Personalization

Our electric sightseeing bus not only excels in aesthetics but also offers intelligent features for an enhanced experience. The water transfer printing and aluminum-framed steering wheel provide a touch of sophistication, while the driver operating table offers a user-friendly interface for essential functions. Our dedication to customization allows for personalized upgrades, such as the water transfer printing surface, adding a unique flair to each electric sightseeing bus.


Tire and Rim Excellence

The NL-WL117D electric sightseeing bus boasts 10/12/14 inch tires with aluminum hubs, ensuring optimal performance and stability. Designed with different tread patterns, these tires offer low ground pressure, excellent flexibility, energy-saving capabilities, strong grip, and stable performance. Nuole’s attention to detail extends to every component of their electric shuttle bus, further enhancing the overall experience for passengers and operators alike.



Our commitment to eco-friendly technology and innovative design shone through at every turn. Whether you’re a discerning traveler seeking a memorable experience or an operator looking to elevate your sightseeing offerings, Our electric sightseeing bus stands as the perfect choice. Prepare to indulge in a luxurious and sustainable journey that will leave a lasting imprint on your heart.

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